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At Krotov Widebody Kits we believe that customizing your car should be an exciting experience. 
With years of experience we are committed to delivering the best possible products and services,

and to continually innovate and improve our offerings. Our skilled team of designers and engineers

is dedicated to enhancing the look of your car while providing the best possible fitment.

Widebody kits made from ABS plastic are an affordable and sustainable enhancement to a car.

ABS plastic is known for its strength and rigidity, making it desirable for components like fender flares, bumpers, side skirts, and even spoilers and wings. The material is also easily customized and can be painted to match the existing color scheme of the car. The strength of ABS plastic makes it an ideal material for durable and stylish modifications, and it's lightweight benefits weight savings when installing widebody kits. The ease of installation and its low cost make ABS plastic a favored choice for individuals looking to transform their vehicle's style without breaking the bank.


We constantly researching and developing new products that are both stylish and functional.

Visit our online store to see how we can help you customize your vehicle.

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